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Bd: Faldo Fo.88311

B: Perfect binders

FO 88311

High-end single clamp clamp perfect binder with three glue rollers and a separate active side glue. The three glue rollers system and a separate side glue ensure a perfect and firm binding. The Faldo FO-88311 is a semi automatic glue binder with a binding length of 460mm and max. binding thickness 60mm. Equipped with a clear full color touchscreen with multi parameter setting in a clear menu makes the machine easy to instruct and operate. Strong motors and reliable guide rail ensure a steady and stable operation. Vacuum system to removes paper dust from the strong miller. High-power motor with sun milling cutter and small milling cutter makes the perfect spine preparation for a perfect book binding. Production up to 250 books per hour. Its clamping system ensure consistent square or rounded bindings. The intelligent heating control system assures a stable glue temperature.

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